CSP ursala  Julien Poulson is best known as lead guitarist and founder of THE CAMBODIAN SPACE PROJECT – the renowned Phnom Penh based psychedelic rock group leading Cambodia’s astonishing cultural revival.

Poulson was born in Tasmania and grew up in a family run contemporary art gallery, an environment that has clearly informed his creativity at a young age and set him on a life-long journey of arts and culture. Today Julien is well known for his pop art works – often crossing forms and cultures. As a musician, Poulson has recorded and produced more than a dozen highly acclaimed albums, in addition, he writes and produces film and theatre works, as well as photography and print editions. In 2010, Poulson established Sticky Fingers Art Prints Cambodia as an vehicle for the art & design behind The Cambodian Space Project. Sticky Fingers’ highly original prints soon became popular in Phnom Penh and the print workshop now provides training and employment for young Cambodian artisans. Sticky Fingers print exhibitions have graced the walls of galleries and art centers in South East Asia, Bali at Ubud Writers Festival, Melbourne, Sydney, Europe and The United States. His series re-animated editions of Indonesian girl group Dara Puspita are now part of “Global Sixties” a major exhibition at Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.