Wang Dang Doodle by SPACE FOUR ZERO is a Pop Art Gallery and Vinyl Lounge. We sell Prints, rare and new Vinyl and CD’s (over 500 selections), Paintings, T-Shirts, Kool Khmer Gifts, Vintage Rock Posters, Books and Collectibles.

You can visit us, call us at 069 571 100 locally or Internationally at +855 69 571 100 or email us at spaceagencyasia@gmail.com. with any questions. We also ship worldwide at spacefourzero.com. Shipping by air usually takes between 5-7 days and and is $25 USD with tracking of package included.

We also have band in-stores, exhibitions and other cool events

We are located at #30EO Street 240 (in the art alley between streets 240 and 244) in Phnom Penh and are open daily from 10am-7-8pm or always by appointment if needed



“Voted Best of Phnom Penh Gift Guide” Phnom Penh Post and as seen in The Wall Street Journal